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Bay Springs Eye Care

Bay Springs

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Bay Springs Eye Care in Mississippi

When there is a need to see an eye doctor in Bay Springs, finding the right practice is important. Contact Mississippi Eye Care to make an appointment with our Bay Springs optometry team to handle a variety of eye health conditions. Here is some information about the services that Dr. Audrey Otto and Dr. David Otto provide at Bay Springs Eye Care.

Eye Disease Treatment

Our optometrists in Bay Springs are trained in eye condition treatment services. This includes diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions of the eyes such as cornea problems, glaucoma, and optical nerve difficulties. 

Vision Exams

Our eye doctor in Bay Springs handles the administration of vision exams to determine whether corrective lenses are necessary. They conduct both examinations for glasses and contact lenses. These exams should be done on a yearly basis to keep your eyes in optimal health and to ensure you are using the right prescription, if necessary.

Computer Vision Treatment

With the age of computers upon us, many people find their vision suffers if they use monitors frequently. Our Bay Springs optometrist will conduct an examination of your eyes to determine your visual acuity and then decide upon potential prescriptions that would improve your vision. This along with lifestyle changes will help to get your vision back on track if you regularly use monitors for work.

Make an Appointment Today

If you require an eye exam or if you have a medical condition of your eyes that needs treatment, contact Mississippi Eye Care to make an appointment with our eye doctors in Bay Springs. Reach out to our facility by giving us a call to find more about our --practice and to check on appointment availability.


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Dr. Audrey Otto

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